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Types of Businesses with Added Benefits from SERVPRO ERP

2/16/2017 (Permalink)

The ERP system allows you to create customized profiles for each business location so that we can respond appropriately and calculate damages.

SERVPRO ERP Benefits Commercial Businesses 

One of SERVPRO's newest innovations is its ERP (Emergency Ready Profile) system, which enables a business owner to upload individualized portfolios of each business and location under his or her jurisdiction to our servers. With easy access to this information, we can obtain critical info before technicians arrive at the site, saving precious time in sensitive situations such as floods. Most businesses benefit from the system simply due to our faster response times and expanded knowledge of the situation, but these types of businesses may see added bonuses from utilizing the system.

Franchise Companies or Multiple Locations

Flood damage in retail stores or restaurants in Mathews can be tricky to manage because different sites with different layouts and specifications may be caught in the same disaster, but with varying levels of damage. The ERP system allows you to create customized profiles for each location your business has so that we can respond appropriately and calculate damages for multiple stores simultaneously. This bonus helps service industry businesses to avoid the confusion and technical challenges of dealing with disasters in multiple locations efficiently.

Buildings with Complex Layouts

Businesses with unusual or complicated building layouts can sometimes suffer from delayed water extraction and treatment as our technicians struggle to establish safety baselines and find critical points in the building. With SERVPRO ERP, we can store blueprints and layouts remotely, cutting time spent on navigating and searching for points such as water mains and electrical breakers.

Older Buildings

The Charlotte region contains many older commercial buildings. While these add some old-timey charm to the cityscape and are often overall healthy for business, they can also be more susceptible to water damage if floodwaters are not drained quickly. Elevated response times are imperative for these structures, making the ERP system a massive boon for older flooded buildings.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of South Charlotte has dealt with floods of all varieties for years, helping local businesses to overcome damage large and small to their locations. Call us 24/7 at (704) 333-7737.


Drying Out Water Damaged Documents In Your Matthews Law Office

1/26/2017 (Permalink)

Restoring the water damage to documents from your law office involves several steps, some of which may be very surprising to you and your staff.

Water Damaged Documents

Even in this age of computers and off-site storage, water damage to a law firm’s files could mean devastation to clients and the attorney’s reputation. Specialized training prepares SERVPRO technicians to halt the damage caused by water saturation, and then to dry the important documents. Prompt action on the part of you and your management staff transfers irreplaceable paperwork into the hands of our skilled and educated workforce. We store the papers and books properly while the next actions are discussed with key personnel from your office.

Restoring the water damage to documents from your Matthews law office involves several steps, some of which may be very surprising to you and your staff. Freezing paperwork is the initial part of the recommended protocol, which often requires moving the files to a remote location. We then meet with responsible members of your firm to determine a hierarchy of importance as we prepare to dry the materials. Restoring papers and books is time-consuming and expensive. It is your decision as to what will be dried to the best possible condition, and in what order. Although fast action will result in recovery of many items, water damage is almost never completely reversible for papers and books. We use the industry’s best practices to take paper from frozen to dry using a process called sublimation. This procedure rapidly dries the documents without allowing the moisture to return to a liquid state, clearly a job for our trained team.

You can rely upon our staff’s discretion and a thorough inventory of what is removed and precisely where we are storing it during the restoration. If particular documents are needed sooner than expected or planned, just ask. Our SERVPRO employees will be able to find them and return them to the best possible condition when requested. We recognize just how difficult this situation is and will do all we can to make the transition easier. All is not lost if your law firm's file room is water damaged when you have SERVPRO of South Charlotte. Call (704) 333-7737 immediately after the damage is discovered to ensure the best restoration outcome.

How Restaurants Often Take on Water Damage in Pineville

11/10/2016 (Permalink)

Pineville Water and Fire Damage in a Restaurant

SERVPRO Can Restore Commercial Water Damage to Your Restaurant

Restaurants tend to use a lot more water than most other businesses, and for a good reason. Restaurants need water to cook, to clean, to make beverages, and for a much higher degree of sanitation than is necessary for most other companies. With how much water the average American restaurant uses, it's no surprise that they are hit by water damage at a relatively high rate. Here are a few of the most common ways that your restaurant may take on water damage in the future.

In the interest of safety, SERVPRO highly recommends that commercial establishments have an automated sprinkler system to douse any flames that may start up quickly. In a restaurant, fires can start more often, thus leading to more commercial water damage from sprinklers in Pineville. Kitchen fires, even with high-quality equipment and sufficient safety measures, are not uncommon. Furthermore, many restaurants still allow smoking outside, which can contribute to another fire hazard. Sprinklers can cause excessive damage to carpeting, tablecloths, and other fabrics, as well as ruining food stock.
Busted Water Mains
Water main troubles are a big problem for restaurants, as the business just can't function without running water. Water mains can crack, especially in older buildings, creating a massive leak which can ruin anything around it. In some cases, it may take serious construction work to replace a water main (although many buildings' are easy to access). SERVPRO technicians can follow after major water main repairs to begin the water extraction process.
Water Overflows
Whether it's in the restroom or the kitchen, water overflows can create all sorts of problems for a restaurant. If not dried quickly, floors may develop mold growth, sometimes under tiles or behind paneling. Rugs and carpeting may bleed out their colors, and wall materials may become stained. Proper plumbing maintenance is key in keeping these issues to a minimum.
SERVPRO of South Charlotte is ready and prepared to handle any commercial water damage you can throw at us. For fast and cost-saving service, call us at (704) 333-7737.